DIY Diary: Giant Pegboard

You know that beautiful, simple, and very Instagrammable giant pegboard all over the internet? Pacifier wanted in on it. 

I wanted a shelf that could be used in a window display, brought to industry events, and stored when it wasn't in use. I decided on building an a miniature A-frame shelf, so we could display products on both sides, and fold it up for storage. I used this very helpful video for guidance. I wasn't shooting to fix this to the wall or permanently install one in a Pacifier location - so you can see I deviated a bit from Dylan's video, but ultimately couldn't have done this project without it!

To build what we built, you'll need:

  • Two sheets of plywood cut to your desired size - I used what I had laying around after another wood working project, but another DIY page suggests using a 4’x8’x1/2″ sheet of plywood
  • 1" Forstner Drill Bit
  • Hinges
  • 1" wooden dowels - as many as you think you need!
  • 1" x 6" wood board for shelves
  • A drill, tape measure, pencil, and sandpaper

Step One:

Get. Pumped. You're going to build a shelf and become the handy person you always wanted to be! Listen to that new Lizzo song or watch that Maggie Rogers performance for the thousandth time. Pumped? Ready to make something? Cool. It's go time.

Step Two:

Kindly ask your roommate if you can use the rest of the wood in the laundry room to build this shelf. Yes? Great, you've got some wood. Don't have a handy roommate with leftover lumber? Head over to Home Depot (or your lumber yard of choice) and pick out a piece of plywood that speaks to you!

Cut that wood down to size. The folks at Home Depot can cut wood to your specifications in a hot minute. I don't have a circular saw, band saw, table saw or anything beefier than a serrated kitchen knife - so I am particularly thankful for their help. For our shelf, I cut each piece of wall of the shelf to 48" x 24". 

For the other wood pieces needed for the project, I purchased three 1" x 48" dowels at Home Depot and cut them down to 6" (the number of dowels is up to you and what you plan on displaying). I had a few varying lengths of 1" x 6" board cut to make shelfs.

Step Three:

To mark where I wanted to drill, I marked the board every 4" down and across, connected the dots, and ended up with a grid. Each intersecting point of the grid was a point to drill a hole.

Step Four:

Drill, baby drill! Be sure to wear safety goggles, lift your wood off the ground and support it. You could go pro and use sawhorses - or go the less advisable route and do as I did - use Ikea kid's chairs (gotta use your surroundings when building something in the basement of a baby store). Once all the holes are drilled you can use sandpaper to soften the edges of the holes and remove pencil marks.

Step Five:

To take the hole-y pieces of wood and turn them into a functional shelf, I used door hinges to join the top of the shelf. Pretty straight forward to install - but make sure you've lined everything up correctly, otherwise you may end up with a shelf that wobbles a bit. 

Step Six:

Decorate and celebrate! And clean up all that sawdust. 

The finished product!

Inspired? Check out Dylan's original video or one of the many, many pegboard DIYs online and get creative! 

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