Goodbye 2018: A Letter to Last Year

As we welcome 2019, we want to thank our customers for an amazing 2018. It was a year full of learning, growing, challenges, our first billboards, bittersweet goodbyes, and happy hellos!

In 2018 we played with, we laughed with, we learned with, and we loved our youngest employee - Katrina’s little Fox. As much as we are around babies, we don’t get to hold them as often as we’d like. With Fox on staff, the North Loop staff has a baby’s forehead to kiss and a giggle to chase after.

February brought us a very purple Super Bowl. We gave away a lot of Football shaped stress balls and were asked more questions about the sport than we could possibly answer (though we tried! Some of us even learned which teams were playing). We hoped to meet Justin Timberlake, but alas, he was too busy rehearsing to shop. We are so thankful to all the local vendors who helped fill our shelves with Minnesota made toys, blankets, hats, shirts, and more for this occasion.

We’ve weathered opening sizable locations (hello Edina and Highland Park!), moving our flagship store (well howdy, North Loop!), growing staff families, basement floods, and storms blowing holes in our ceiling (goodbye, Northeast!) - but April of 2018 held the biggest change in Pacifier history! After nearly 15 years of business, Wing, Jon, and Kelsey introduced Alissa as Pacifier’s new owner. Despite the sweetest goodbye to three of our nearest and dearest friends, we are so grateful for the new experiences we’ve all shared with Alissa. We’ve all learned a little more about ourselves and our business - and continue to learn and grow with her.

Introducing Alissa, Pacifier's new owner - and saying goodbye to Wing, Jon, and Kelsey.

Flash forward to this winter, and we’ve had one of the most magical holiday seasons in Pacifier history! From participating in our first holiday market, to hosting our annual Santa Story Time event - we had a blast! Joanna Gaines stopped by, we wrapped approximately a trillion adorable presents, and a new HGTV program filmed in-store. We all fell in love with so many new toys, books, and holiday styles this season and hope you did too! (You can check out our blog post about our favorite - and your favorite - products from 2018 HERE.)

We look forward to the New Year and all the adventures it will bring. We cannot wait to take you on this journey with us.

A million thanks and all our love,
Alissa, Katrina, Fox, Jensen, Hannah, Katie, and the rest of the Pacifier crew

January 03, 2019 by Jensen Enz
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