Your Favorites & Our Favorites: Best of the Year

We fell in love with so many beautiful toys, car seats, strollers, outfits, shoes, strollers, babies, and more, if you can believe it! And it looks like you did too! We’ve compiled a short list of our favorites from 2018 and a few of yours!

  • Our new Tender Leaf Toys products melt my heart! My favorite is the Smoothie Maker Wooden Toy Set. The little wooden pieces come in sweet colors and are designed with a charming cartoon-like quality. This was my niece's first pretend-play toy, and she immediately got super into it and started making pretend smoothies for everyone. I think the kid-favorite feature is the little knife to cut the fruit pieces, which are held together with velcro. My personal favorite part of the set is the strawberry and orange slices that come with little notches in them so that they can rest on the rim of the glass. Too cute!
    - Katie, Highland Park Manager

  • My fav of 2018 was Oli & Carol teethers - in particular, the kale teether. Because who doesn't love a teether that looks like the leafy super food of the year. In addition the rubber is 100% all natural, has an amazing texture for little ones, and is super easy to clean for parents. Winning all around.
    - Alissa, Proprietor

  • I fell in love with Candylab toys early in 2018 and fell even deeper when they released their teeny tiny wooden diecast cars! They're the first of their kind and they're absolutely the most beautiful, unique, and playful little cars in the world. They're a little retro, a little modern, and a lot of fun!
    - Jensen, Social Media Manager

  • I’ll hop in and speak of our Edina manager, because I know her favorite toy this year has been the Spin Again by Fat Brain Toys. Hannah can’t seem to keep these in stock at her shop in 50th and France because she loves it so much. Having seen a video of her nephew playing with it - I can see why! It’s oodles of fun for toddlers.
    - Also Jensen, but wearing her Hannah Hat

And Katrina, our North Loop manager, has a whole darn post about her favorite coming soon! Be ready to fall in love with the Beco Gemini carrier.

You all loved the following:
What did you love in 2018? And what would you like to discover in 2019? We’re so excited about all the new products we get to share with you in the coming months.
January 03, 2019 by Jensen Enz
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