11 oz Stainless Sippy Top Bottle with Silicone Sleeve - Pink by Pura


Brand Pura
SKU: 897261002252

The Pura Sippy Cup features a food grade stainless steel bottle, medical grade silicone XL Sipper Spout, silicone travel cover and zero plastic parts! The included silicone sippy spout is a fast-flowing spout that helps your child transition from a bottle nipple.

  • Ideal for children 6 months to 4 years, this sippy cup is compatible with all silicone components from Pura including our Natural Vent Nipples in various flow rates, Silicone Straw, and sealing disks.
  • Each cup has pressed internal volume marks that can be clearly viewed on the inside of the bottle for easy measuring.
  • The bottle is also compatible with nipples and spouts from other brands.

With Pura you can rest assured that you are always using the safest and most eco-progressive bottle on the market.

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