Air Blast Cannon Maker Lab Kit by Klutz


Brand Klutz
SKU: 122878

Ready, aim, blast! Using the fun and clear instruction book, construct a moveable, air-powered cannon and fire away at the included targets. Makers will explore the physics of projectiles, the mechanics of pneumatics, and how they work in everyday machineslike bicycle pumps!

Need to Know
Promotes S.T.E.M.
Construct an air powered movable cannon
Test your aim on the included paper targets
Learn about physics and the power of air pressure
Clear instructions take the intimidation factor out of being a maker
Larger box format 10

Age 8+
"9 3/4x 11 3/4"
32 pp

Comes With:
Chipboard parts, plastic fasteners, 5 plastic clips, 3 clear plastic syringes, punch out paper targets, PVC tubing in 3 colors, 3 foam darts