Badass Babes Baby Blanket and Play Mat - Large Silver Cuddle


This blanket is a testament to women everywhere! It celebrates 100 women throughout history who have fought the good fight for change and for the support of all women. This blanket is a collaboration with local illustrator Julie Van Grol. Julie did an amazing instagram series in 2017 that she called “100 Days of Badass Babes” where she chose 100 notable women and did an illustration of each of them. Julie was kind enough to partner with abbey’s house to create this amazing blanket and continue spreading a message of strength and equality for women.

The blanket has a very soft grey minky fabric on the back that will make you wish you had one in an adult size (and you can - see our adult section!). This blanket is perfect for cuddling up your little one or using as a play mat and to start a conversation around what it means to be a woman and what the women featured on this blanket have done for women all around the world.

There is a batting in the middle that is 100% cotton.
This blanket measures: 36” x 36"

Washing instructions:
Wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or air dry.