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Gummygoods Nightlight - Red by FCTRY



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Squeeze my tummy to turn me on! It's pretty simple. We took your (and our) favorite candy and made it into a big, squeezable, huggable colorful night light. We added some bells and whistles (uses batteries and it's 100% portable; plug it in and perch it anywhere), but we didn't change the most important thing--the fact that it's a gummy bear. Add a bit of eye candy wherever you like. Just squeeze its tummy and turn it on.


  • tummy switch
  • flexible, twistable, huggable rubber body
  • height: 7 inches
  • fully portable (so you can take it with you; requires 2 AA batteries, not included)
  • A/C jack (requires adapter, not included)
  • 60-minute sleep timer (it is a night light, after all)
  • wall-mountable (requires nail or screw)