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Pictolingua by Helvetiq


Brand Helvetiq

A vocabulary-learning game featuring the colorful illustrations of Swiss artist Karen Ichters. This game has 50 flashcards, 10 playing boards and 125 tokens to let you learn 50 words in 5 languages (the 4 languages of Switzerland plus English). Practice your language skills by trying to associate images with words. Young children can play an easier version using boards that already pair images with words. Older children and adults can play a more challenging guessing game using image-only boards. The first and lucky one to guess five successive images on the board shouts "Lingua" and wins!

  • This exciting board game measures 11 inches x 8-1/4 inches x 2 inches
  • This item is recommended for ages eight years and up
  • The set includes 50 flashcards, 10 playing boards and over 100 tokens Find the image on the card that matches the word read out in any of five languages, then Mark the image with a token