Sticker Stash by Ooly


Brand OOLY

It’s a sticker smorgasbord with the OOLY Sticker Stash set. Over 200 styles of cuteness including vinyl stickers, cute puffy stickers and pages of adorable paper stickers, plus a handy sticker keeper.

  • The Quirky Fun Sticker Stash set features sweets to eat stickers, happy rainbow stickers and yummy fast food stickers and more off the wall colorful fun for decorating.
  • The Wanderlust Sticker Stash set features travel accessories stickers, travel attractions stickers and travel transportation stickers and more colorful fun stickers for decorating statements.
  • The Indoorsy Sticker Stash set features coffee cup stickers, donut stickers and charming cats stickers and more at home fun objects.
  • Each Sticker Stash includes:
    • Over 200 cute stickers
    • 1 Sheet of vinyl stickers
    • 1 Sheet of puffy stickers
    • 6 Sheets of paper stickers
    • 1 folder for sticker storage
    • Suitable for ages 3 and up