36 Piece Giant Floor Puzzle - Animal Parade by Djeco


Brand Djeco

Djeco's Animal Parade Puzzle is a beautifully illustrated piece by Charlotte Labaronne. It features the denizens of the jungle out for a fun parade. Can you spot them all? This puzzle is made up of 38 large cardboard puzzle pieces, perfect for sharing among smaller hands. When completed, it measures a whopping 1.33 meters in length! 

Appeals to young boys and girls, especially those that love animals or have an interest in the environment. Great for developing motor skills as well as problem solving and thought provoking behavior in young children.


  • Large cardboard pieces specially made more small hands
  • Appeals to any kids that love animals or the environment
  • Fully assembled puzzle measures a massive 1.33 meters
  • Helps to encourage visual and tactile learning skills
  • Helps to form problem solving abilities
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Charlotte Labaronne