Diaper Dekor Plus - 2 Pack Refill Biodegradable


Brand Dekor
SKU: 102953

The Dekor PLUS - 2 Pack Biodegradable Refill is Biodegradable. They are made from a long continuous liner - not preset bags. This means you can empty your pail using only the amount of refill you need. So either after that one really stinky change, or when the pail is totally stuffed-use ONLY what you need. Dekor Refills are sold in a two pack. One box of Dekor PLUS 2 Pack Refills will last for up to 1160 newborn diapers.

  • Powder scented and easy to use
  • Holds substantially more newborn diapers per refill than other brands
  • Offers you a great value per refill
  • Eco-Friendly – They’re Biodegradable!
  • Note: These refills will fit only Plus size pails.
  • Note: Refills are not interchangeable between Plus and "Regular" sizes.

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