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My First Book of Girl Power - Board Book


DC's awesome super heroes are terrific role models for young girls. This colorful board book, illustrated with DC Comics classic art, details the inspiring qualities that make Wonder Woman,

Batgirl, Supergirl and their friends so powerful. Wonder Woman knows the importance of telling the truth. Bat Girl reads a lot and has impressive technical skills. Supergirl is the only girl to survive from the planet Krypton. Black Canary persuades people to do things with the power of her voice.

Illustrated with cool, classic DC art, this fun, colorful book shows how these and other amazing female super heroes use their powers to make the world a safer place. Young readers will also enjoy learning the characters' compelling origin stories. Girls will see that being different, overcoming fears, exploring new places--and banding together with other strong women--can be pretty powerful. 

By Julie Merberg. 32 pages.