Mini Card Games - Assorted by Eeboo


Brand Eeboo

These classic games of Go Fish, Rummy, Old Maid and Crazy 8s are perfect for keeping the kids busy on the go or for taking on a weekend away.

  • Rummy - the classic game with Woodland animals instead of numbers. Playful illustrations on these Mini cards by Monika Forsberg add to the fun.
  • Go Fish - with a variety of aquatic creatures on every Mini Card. Illustrations by Saxton Freymann.
  • Old Maid - featuring Animal’s with a variety of occupations. Charming illustrations by Stephanie Graegin.
  • Crazy Eights - features silly illustrations showing how each number spends their free time. Crazy Eights Mini Cards feature art by Chris Raschka.
  • Game Instructions included
  • Suitable for Ages 5+