Silicone Kids Beach Toy Set by Miminoo


Brand Miminoo

Not only does our Silicone Beach Toy Set function better than traditional plastic beach sets, but they look great and fold for easy traveling.

  • Have your kids entertained for hours at the beach or the sandbox at home
  • Roll It, Fold It, Take It With You - purposely designed for travel, holds 1.5 liters but rolls up to easily fit in your bag
  • No more broken plastic beach toys, thanks to our durable silicone that can withstand any toddler tantrum
  • Easy to hold and lightweight, comes with the silicone beach bucket, sturdy shovel, and four soft silicone beach sand toys.

Our beach set is suitable for babies and toddlers alike, they are free from harmful chemicals, are recyclable, and reusable, so will last for years to come

Simply run them under water to rid any sand or wait for any wet sand to dry and just tap the silicone to remove any excess before storing for next use!