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We Are the Supremes - Hardcover


Brand Quarto

This inspiring picture book tells the story of the friendship between Flo, Mary, and Diana, and how by supporting each other they overcame hardship to become international superstars.

It’s 1960, and Flo, Mary, and Diana are three friends with big ambitions. They want to be superstars! But 1960s America was not the easiest place for young black girls from the projects to make it big. They audition for the new Motown Records label, but the manager says NO. Not to be put off, the girls try again, and this time, they succeed. They become...The Supremes!

They travel the world, singing hit after hit. Of course they have falling outs, like all friends do, but with a shared dream to keep their friendship strong, they became the USA’s most successful vocal group ever.

  • Author: Zoe Tucker
  • Illustrated by: Salini Perera
  • Age range: 4y to 7y+
  • Size: 8.661 in x 9.724 in / 220 mm x 247 mm
  • Pages: 32